Connected Play: Online Games & Gaming

These days, many children are familiar with playing online games instead of hanging out with their friends. However, many parents are worried about children’s habit playing online games. We can find many cases of online games causing harmful influences to our kids and students. Kids can be easily addicted to playing online games and also it can worsen their eye sight.

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

However, we can see online games in an educational perspective and lead kids to have better habit of playing online games. To foster safe and responsible use of online games or “connected games”, we should let kids play games that fit their age. There are age limits in all online games. The game “Diablo 3”, players under the age of 18 require parents’ permission to play. However, several kids who are not over 18 do play the game behind their parents’ back. I think it is important to make kids to play games which are suitable with their age.

Also, it is important for children to manage their own time to play online games. In my opinion, I think it is more efficient for parents to make children to set their own game time and coordinate the time together gradually than to set the time and force them to do.

Lastly, I would recommend kids to play online games with large, big scree for their eye sight. In children and students’ age, the period is important for their physical growth including their eye sight. Concentrating playing games for several hours looking at the small screen like smartphones would be very harmful for their eye sight. Playing online games cannot lead children to get healthy eye sight but at least we should provide them a better environment to play games.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

My favorite game these days is “Overwatch”. It is a game playing as a team of 6 players and fighting with the other team. The reason why I like this game is that I can play the game with the same team members by talking on the microphone and cooperating. Players also plan how to win the game and help each other by telling each other about their situation. In this regard, I think we can foster cooperation among children.